West USA – Prayer Revival Summit 2024

In the heart of the San Francisco CA at Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, a divine melody unfolded on January 27, 2024, as believers from across Jesus Is Lord Churches of West USA for the “Prayer Revival Summit.” This spiritually filled event, pulsating with the belief that our awesome and great God would revive His people’s faith and passion, resonated not only through powerful messages but also through praise and worship songs, and victorious celebration.

The event kicked off with a powerful opening ceremony that set the tone for the day. Attendees were welcomed with warmth and hospitality, and the atmosphere buzzed with anticipation. The event organizers emphasized the importance of unity and the collective power of prayer in overcoming challenges.

The Prayer Revival featured an impressive lineup of speakers who shared their insights, wisdom, and personal experiences focusing on the theme verse Psalm 85:6. These speakers, hailing from various walks of life, offered diverse perspectives on the role of prayer in fostering personal growth, building stronger churches and communities, and navigating the complexities of life.

Among them were Ptr. Abbie Corpuz, who passionately spoke about the significance of “Consecration,” urging attendees to dedicate themselves to a higher purpose.

Ptr. Fegie Basilio’s session on “Connection” provided profound insights into the spiritual ties that bind us all. The audience was captivated by her words, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and shared purpose.

Adding depth to the experience, Ptr. Cris Jose, the West USA Operation Director, took the stage to discuss “Commission.” His message emphasized the call to action, inspiring attendees to carry the light of faith into their communities and beyond.

Amidst the serenity of worship, participants were guided into breakout sessions, forming smaller groups to engage in focused prayer for specific prayer focuses.

The themes ranged from personal renewal and family harmony to church planting and church growth, societal healing and global peace. These intimate sessions allowed individuals to share their hearts, burdens, and aspirations, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and shared purpose.

As the day progressed, the culmination was marked by a victorious celebration, where the atmosphere pulsated with triumphant songs of joy and victory. The heartfelt prayers linger in the hearts of those who attended. The event stands as a testament to the power of collective worship, focused prayer, celebration, and the joyful expression of faith. This final crescendo became a declaration of faith, hope, and the shared belief in the transformative power of our Lord Jesus Christ through prayer. Declaring Jesus is Lord over wester USA and Jesus is Lord all over the earth.

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